Tracing and Coloring Patterns Worksheets for Preschool

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These two worksheets will help your kids to build a very important skill of recognizing different type of patterns. On this page first worksheet is about tracing patterns. Ask your kid to trace over each pattern with a crayon or pencil. You can also ask kid to use a different colored crayon or pencil for each pattern.

Tracing Patterns Worksheet for Preschool

tracing patterns worksheet for preschool


Pattern coloring worksheet for preschool

Ask kids to take two crayons or pencils of different color and color the first shape in one color and the second shape with other color and complete the whole row like that. You can also reinforce this pattern recognizing skill by asking them to make a pattern of pencil, eraser, pencil, eraser on their desk.
coloring patterns worksheet for preschool

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